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By adopting healthy habits, you can significantly improve your well-being without spending a penny on doctors and medications. The main thing is to learn to "listen" to yourself, that is, to feel well the needs of your body and to satisfy them correctly.

Hearty breakfast

Morning is the best time to gain calories, because at this time the body transforms them into energy. Therefore, productivity and vigor increase throughout the day. It is best to consume the slow carbohydrates found in cereals and protein for breakfast. Nutritionists believe that if you want to lose weight, it is most effective to stick to a hearty breakfast. So the weight goes away faster and does not return after the cancellation of diet and exercise.
Prepare breakfast in the evening so as not to fuss in the morning and do not put this habit on the back burner. If you do not have time to have breakfast or cannot awaken your appetite so early, then take breakfast with you to work and eat it there.
A little exercise right after waking up will energize you for the whole day. It is enough to do simple exercises to warm up muscles and joints, squat and do a "bike" lying on your back. This will boost your circulation, feel refreshed, and reduce your risk of many diseases and injuries. If you make the exercises a little more difficult, you can achieve weight loss and a noticeable improvement in well-being.

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